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Rubber Fender

  • Product Item : OVLRP-03
  • Category: Large Rubber Parts
  • Supply: Custom
  • Material: High Quality Rubber
  • Certification: ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • OEM: Available
Product Description:


Rubber fender is also called rubber protective wood or marine bumper. It is placed on a terminal or ship to protect the ship and wharf from damage, absorb the collision energy of berthing, etc. These are versatile and high-quality devices used to keep ships, boats, and other naval vessels from colliding with one another.  It comes in standard and custom designs.

The marine natural rubber fender is made of good-qualified natural rubber that withstands the harshest environmental conditions, The rubber fenders are the simplest and most appropriate solution for a wide range of applications in areas.  guaranteeing long-lasting performance and requiring no maintenance.

The rubber fenders can be installed by bolts, or shackle with chain, which is decided by the type of fender and installation place. The natural rubber fender can also be supplied with or without the front panel and face pad.

We offer a cost-effective and efficient solution rubber fender suitable for any working operation. With 10+ years of manufacturing experience, we guarantee excellent performance and durable products to customers. We choose the best and most innovative materials, and outstanding designs, and provides modern production technology to exceed the industry requirements.

Rubber Fenders Applications
Due to the durable application of rubber fenders, it is increasingly popular in marine and automobile industries.
• Shipyards
• Boat and vessels
• Loading docks
• Water lock
• Corner of dock
• Small jetties
• Fishing Harbours
• Terminals like oil&gas,
Ferry & roro, etc.


D-Type Delta-Type Square-Type

U-Type B-Type Keyhole-Type

W-Type M-Type Tugboat-Type

CF-Type T-Type Arch-Type

Tire Net-Type Sling-Type Ribbed-Type
Customized Rubber Fenders Service
If you’re looking for a specialized, tailor-made solution for your marine rubber fenders, you’re lucky because it’s possible!  Whether you need an extra large size, an unusual shape, or a combination of materials, these experts have what it takes to design and produce exactly what you need. Once designed and approved by yourself, the rubber fender will be manufactured using only high-quality ship-grade materials to ensure it will protect your vessel from all weather conditions. With so many options available, it’s never been easier to get your ideal customized marine rubber fenders – so why wait any longer? Talk order today!

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