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Common Fireproof Cloth Types

There are many types of fireproof cloth materials. Common fireproof fabrics include fiberglass fabrics, asbestos fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, ceramic fiber fabrics, basalt fiber fabrics, and polyester fabrics.
Coating special fireproof materials on the surface of fabrics with poor fireproof and anti-sticking effects can obtain fire-resistant fabrics with better performance. Common types of fire-resistant fabrics include silicone rubber fire-resistant fabrics, silicone titanium fire-resistant fabrics, nano fire-resistant fabrics, coated fire-resistant fabrics, and resin fire-resistant fabrics. Suitable fire-resistant materials can be selected based on environmental and budgetary requirements.
The common types of fireproof cloth is as follows:
1. Pure cotton flame retardant cloth: Pure cotton cloth is treated with Proban/Pyrovatex CP flame retardant to achieve a non combustible effect, and is commonly used as a special uniform.
2. CVC flame-retardant fabric: A flame-retardant fabric obtained by performing Proban/Pyrovatex CP flame-retardant treatment on the basis of CVC fabric, commonly used as a special fireproof uniform.
3. C/N Cotton Nylon Flame Retardant Fabric: A flame retardant fabric made from C/N fabric through Proban/polyvatex CP flame retardant treatment. It has strong durability, can be washed for more than 50 times, and has a flame retardant effect This fabric is commonly used as a fireproof uniform.
4. NOMEX fireproof fabric: The main products include permanent anti-static fabrics; Full channel electromagnetic shielding fabric; High temperature resistance of 200 ℃ - 1200 ℃, which can be used as fireproof clothing, fireproof cloth, felt, curtain, and paper materials.
5. SM fireproof cloth: The fireproof cloth is resistant to high temperatures. It can be used to block welding spots, make fireproof quilts, insulate soft and hard pipes, and cover heaters Function of fire prevention, heat insulation, and thermal insulation.
6. Blue glass fiber fireproof cloth: Blue glass fiber fireproof cloth, used for decoration of fireproof roller shutters, with fire resistance and high temperature resistance.
7. Aluminum foil fireproof cloth: Aluminum foil fireproof cloth is usually covered with a layer of aluminum foil on refractory fabrics, such as aluminum foil asbestos cloth, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth, and aluminum foil ceramic fiber cloth. In addition to the properties of general fireproof cloth, it also has the function of blocking thermal radiation, and can withstand temperatures up to 350 ℃, 550 ℃, and 1050 ℃.
8. Coating fireproof cloth: Applying silicone, pvc, pu, pa, etc. on the surface of the fabric can achieve the effects of anti-static, waterproof, allergy prevention, and fire prevention.
9. High silica fiberglass fireproof cloth: This fabric uses glass fiber with a silicon dioxide content of 90%. The highest temperature resistant fireproof cloth among fireproof fabrics can reach 1700 ℃, and is commonly used in military industries such as aerospace.
10. Asbestos cloth: Asbestos cloth can be divided into dusted asbestos cloth and dustless asbestos cloth, which are commonly used as fire-resistant and heat insulating materials at higher temperatures. It is generally believed that asbestos fibers are harmful to the body, so they are gradually eliminated.
11. Ceramic fiber cloth: Ceramic fiber fabric is a high-temperature resistant fireproof cloth, commonly used as a high-temperature fire-resistant thermal insulation material.
12. Carbon fiber cloth: Carbon fiber cloth is a high-end fireproof fabric with a fire resistance temperature of up to 1500 degrees Celsius. It is commonly used as a fire blanket or welding protective blanket.

13. Silicone titanium fireproof cloth: Silicone titanium fireproof cloth is a high-temperature resistant glass fiber cloth coated with special silicone rubber, which can work at 1450 ℃ for 10 minutes, and remains intact after working at 1600 ℃ for 15 seconds. It has stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, and other characteristics. Commonly used as welding blankets, expansion joints, or flexible connections for air ducts.

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