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  • Rubber Cork Sheet
  • Rubber Cork Sheet
  • Rubber Cork Sheet
  • Rubber Cork Sheet
Rubber Cork SheetRubber Cork SheetRubber Cork SheetRubber Cork Sheet

Rubber Cork Sheet

Product Description:

Rubber cork sheet is processed with oil resistant rubber and cork particles as raw materials. The product combines the advantages of cork and rubber. It not only has the compressibility of cork, but also has the high elasticity and softness of rubber. The product has large compressibility, small deformation around, high hardness, compressive strength, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, friction resistance and other characteristics.

The friction coefficient of the product is higher than that of asbestos and rubber, the meshing and sliding are stable, and there is no vibration shock. The friction effect is still good under the condition of oil spill. It is a new friction material produced by our factory, mainly used for transmission and braking of light load equipment such as lawn mowers, double cylinder washing machines, electric sewing machines, printing machines, motorcycles, loom, etc.

Rubber cork sheet are widely used in power transformers, transmission transformers, oil tank covers/flanges, pressure gauges, valves, radiators, junction boxes, low-voltage bushings, high-voltage bushing expansion boxes, shockproof supports, molded rubber parts, switchgear, air filter gaskets, carburetor gaskets, air inlet gaskets, valve cover gaskets, vent gaskets, air inlet segments, crankshaft case gaskets, sealing components, oil pan (oil), bearing covers (oil) The buffering and damping, sealing oil seal, and sealing of the fuel pump (engine oil), oil pump (engine oil), thermostat (coolant), bearing cover (engine oil), water pump (coolant), hydraulic pump (engine oil), gearbox (engine oil), pressure gauge, control valve, etc.

Technical Data


Natural color, Black, Brown


600*900mm, 630*930mm, 1500*700mm, Roll or custom


0.5- 20mm for skived type rubber cork, 1-50mm for moulded type



Tensile strength


Compress rate

More than 20%


70-90 shore A

Working Temperture

Max 125Deg.C, Min -30Deg.C

Compression set

Less than 55% @ 70Deg.CX22H 25% compress in hot air

Oil resistance Standard B

23Deg.Cx24H Hardness-10% Vol+20% Compress no crack

Practical Conditions:

Sealing of oil refining equipment, pipelines, as well as joints of oil pipelines for automobiles

and diesel engines, as well as sealing of sewing machines and transformers

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