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  • Dust Free Asbestos Rope
  • Dust Free Asbestos Rope
  • Dust Free Asbestos Rope
  • Dust Free Asbestos Rope
Dust Free Asbestos RopeDust Free Asbestos RopeDust Free Asbestos RopeDust Free Asbestos Rope

Dust Free Asbestos Rope

Product Description:

Asbestos rope is a high-temperature resistant rope woven with asbestos thread. According to different production processes of asbestos thread, asbestos rope can be divided into dust-free asbestos rope and dusted asbestos rope. Dust free asbestos rope is produced using a wet process and has no asbestos dust on its surface. Production process and transportation are more environmentally friendly.

According to different weaving methods, asbestos rope can be divided into asbestos twisted rope, asbestos braided round rope, asbestos braided square rope, asbestos loose rope, etc. Their characteristics and uses are as follows:

Asbestos twisted rope: It is made by twisting multiple strands of asbestos thread, which is relatively soft. It can be disassembled into asbestos thread by hand and is generally used to wrap around various sizes of thermal pipelines and equipment. It can also be used as a sealing material for tight plugs under various temperature conditions.

Asbestos round rope: Solid and tightly woven, commonly used for wear-resistant and wear-resistant parts of thermal equipment and heat conduction systems. In addition to winding various specifications of thermal equipment and heat pipes, it is more suitable for filling thermal equipment and has a long service life.

Asbestos square rope: it is tightly and tightly braided, and has a certain flexibility. It is mainly used to duplicate sealing filler, suitable for dipping lubricating oil, glue, resin, lotion, etc., as the basic material of an adsorption medium, it plays the role of "skeleton" for the gland packing.

Asbestos loose rope: With the characteristics of looseness, softness, and lightness, it is very suitable for wrapping indoor suspended thermal equipment and heat transfer systems, as well as various vibration or multi bending thermal pipelines. It is particularly suitable for use on ships and aircraft, with low thermal conductivity, strong insulation performance, and light bulk density.

Technical Data


Asbestos Twist Rope/Braided Round Rope

Asbestos square Rope

Burning lost    %



Working temperature   °C



Metric Size  mm



Thermal Conductivity    w/m.k


0.16-0.37 w/m.k


50kg/Plastic Woven Bag

50kg/Plastic Woven Bag

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