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  • Rubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration Isolation
  • Rubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration Isolation
  • Rubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration Isolation
  • Rubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration Isolation
Rubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration IsolationRubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration IsolationRubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration IsolationRubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration Isolation

Rubber Shock Absorbers / Rubber Vibration Isolation

  • Product Item : OVRF-02
  • Category: General Rubber Fittings
  • Supply: In Stock
  • Style: Center-Bonded, Cylindrical, Plateform, Shear, Bumper, Bushing, Torsion, Pad.
  • Color: Black or assigned color.
  • OEM: Available
Product Description:
Rubber Shock Absorber(Rubber Vibration Isolation) are important shock absorbing components, which are widely used in various types of machinery, automobiles, railway locomotives, water vehicles, airplanes, and other aircraft.

The design of industrial machinery consists of two parts: reciprocating motion and rotary motion. The work performed by these elements often introduces unavoidable vibrations, especially when there is an imbalance of any moving parts. These vibrations, noises, and shocks can lead to mechanical system failure reducing the life of the machine and accelerating component wear as this vibration is transmitted to other surrounding structures. The key to vibration isolation is to reduce the transmission of vibration to components or supporting structures. Therefore, the rubber shock absorbers(Rubber Vibration Isolation) is used to reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration, achieve the purpose of shock absorption, noise reduction, and impact reduction, and avoid harm caused by vibration. We are specialists in vibration isolation and shock absorbers, our vibration isolators provide the best solutions to the problems of noise and vibration transmission, protecting people and the environment from harmful influences.

According to different functions, there are roughly 5 types of rubber shock absorbers(Rubber Vibration Isolation)
1) Rubber shock absorbers in the narrow sense that support various devices;
2) Rubber buffers for shock absorption;
3) Rubber springs used as mechanical actuating parts;
4) A dynamic shock absorber that eliminates vibration at a specific vibration frequency;
5) Rubber couplings are also included in the category of rubber shock absorbers.
According to different conditions of use, rubber shock absorbers can be designed in various types. At present, the most commonly used are mainly the following 10 kinds.
1) JP type rubber damping device: suitable for electronic instruments and meters, protecting the whole machine from vibration and impact.
2) JPZ type three-way equal stiffness shock absorber: mainly used in aerospace and aviation instruments.
3) JPZ small aviation shock absorber: used for various shock isolation and anti-shock devices in aerospace, aviation, navigation, etc.
4) JG shear shock absorber: used for fans, air compressors, refrigerators, water pumps and precision instruments and meters.
5) Z-type rubber equal-frequency shock absorber: widely used in various machinery, instruments, machine tools, equipment, etc.
6) Type 6JX anti-shock shock absorber: used in ships, vehicles and other power machinery.
7) 6WN type diesel locomotive shock absorber: used for the main engine of the internal combustion engine.
8) ''31'' type rubber shock absorber: used for ship main engine and electronic scale.
9) SH type double-plate shock absorber: used for marine machinery and equipment.
10) JV type cylindrical spring shock absorber: used for various instruments and meters.
11) YU-type cylindrical shock absorber: used for ship main engine, auxiliary engine and other equipment.
12) WJ Rubber Shock Absorber: It is widely used and can withstand loads in any direction.
13) YXN, XN rubber torsional shock absorbers: used in crankshaft systems of automobile engines.

Our products are used most notably in the following areas:
· Electricity generation.
· Air compression.
· Pumping of liquids.
· Industrial vehicles.
· Machine tools.
· Marine propulsion and auxiliary equipment.
· Agricultural and BTP construction equipment machinery.
· Acoustic isolation of premises and sites.
· Vibrating screens, Hoppers, Silos, Feeder screens.
· Acoustic isolation for building, etc.
· Roads and bridges.
· Instrumentation.

Why choose us?

The Rubber Vibration Isolators offer advantages and benefits for any industry. It’s a critical process to maintain equipment, especially heavy machinery. It can be difficult due to equipment sensitivity, use, and amount of parts that go into these machines. Yet, our specialists have it covered with safeguards for any industry, and several customization options. Our goal is to get your machinery fitted with the perfect configuration for the job. This ensures safer, more durable work conditions and more money saved in the long run. Moreover, our quality products are paired with quality workmanship and professionals with acute technical expertise. In our production facility, we can offer both large volume production capacity as well as accommodate for smaller volume orders. Not to mention, our facility is also ISO 9001:2015 certified. You can guarantee you’re not only getting the best products and the top quality but the prices you’re looking for too. Lastly, if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the correct vibration isolator, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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