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  • Texturized fiberglass tape
  • Texturized fiberglass tape
  • Texturized fiberglass tape
  • Texturized fiberglass tape
Texturized fiberglass tapeTexturized fiberglass tapeTexturized fiberglass tapeTexturized fiberglass tape

Texturized fiberglass tape

Product Description:

Texturized fiberglass tape is also known as glass fiber insulation tape which is made by texturized filament fiberglass fiber. The fluffy fiberglass structure provides excellent thermal insulation and high temperature resistance. Texturized fiberglass tape is commonly used in various thermal insulation applications. Because it does not contain harmful dust, it is usually used for insteading of asbestos tape. At the same time, the price of texturized fiberglass tape is lower than ceramic fiber tape, making it a cost-effective environmental friendly thermal insulation material.

There are two common texturized fiberglass yarn: alkali free fiberglass yarn (E-glass tape) and medium alkali glass fiber (C-glass tape),The alkali free glass fiber has an alkali metal oxide content of less than 0.8% and is an aluminum borosilicate component. Its chemical stability, electrical insulation performance, and strength are very high. The alkali metal oxide content of medium alkali glass fiber is 11.9% - 16.4%, which is a sodium calcium silicate component. Due to its high alkali content, it cannot be used as an electrical insulating material, but its chemical stability and strength are good. Customers can choose different glass fiber tapes based on electrical insulation performance requirements.

Texturized fiberglass tape can be covered with aluminum foil to enhance thermal reflection performance. After covering with aluminum foil, the glass fiber tape can reflect more than 93% of the radiant heat, thereby enhancing the performance of thermal insulation.


1.High temperature resistant applications for industrial ovens,furnaces,welding, foundry works,  refineries, aluminum mills and steel plants,etc.

2.Heat insulation materials for thermal installations and heat-conducting systems, boilers, steamers, stoves, pipelines, shipyards, exhaust pipes,etc.

3.Electric insulation wrapping for industrial wires,tubes, cables,power stations,chemical plants, etc.

4.Other usage for heat resistant and thermal insulation application,provide industry and labor protection,also can be used as gasket and sealing material.

Ovictor group supply different sizes and colours texturized fiberglass tape.

Size and Dimensions


E-glass/C-glass texturized fiberglass yarn

Thickness/ mm


Width/ mm


Length/ m

25/30/50 or according to request



Working Temperature/

Up to 550

Packing/ kg

Braided bag 50

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