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  • TB Skeleton Oil Seal
  • TB Skeleton Oil Seal
  • TB Skeleton Oil Seal
  • TB Skeleton Oil Seal
TB Skeleton Oil SealTB Skeleton Oil SealTB Skeleton Oil SealTB Skeleton Oil Seal

TB Skeleton Oil Seal

Product Description:


The TB oil seal is a T-type oil seal with double lips, a dustproof secondary lip, and a spring. It is a low-pressure dual-lip radial oil seal. which are used for sealing in oily and dusty occasions. The garter spring provides protection from contaminants. The precision ground metal OD is made with a lead-in chamfer for ease of installation. The additional exclusionary lip protects the primary sealing lip against dust and other contamination. According to different use medium, pressure, and temperature, choose different materials. Common materials include nitrile rubber TB skeleton oil seal, fluoroelastomer TB skeleton oil seal, silicone rubber TC skeleton oil seal, etc. Iron shell skeleton oil seal, TB is an outer frame iron shell oil seal.  They have excellent stability.  So they are widely used in power tools, motors, reducers, gearboxes, motors, industrial robots, wind power, and other industrial seals.


1. Oil resistance, corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, high mechanical strength resistance, non-toxic, meet the requirements of environmental protection.

2. Oil seal structure is simple, easy to install, replace, and inspect.

3. Good sealing function, long service life.

4. Good radial rigidity, particularly for large diameters

5. Good stability when assembled, preventing the bounce-back effect

6. Sealing for low and high-viscosity fluids

7. Modern primary sealing lip with low radial forces

8. Protection against undesirable air contaminants

Main Technical Data:

Seal Ring Material:

FKM, NBR, VMQ. etc.

Temperature Range:

-40°C-110°C(NBR). -20°C-220°C(FKM).


Mineral oil, Synthetic oil, Grease.



Material Hardness:


Linear Velocity:


Size Range:


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