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  • Engine Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Engine Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Engine Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Engine Cylinder Head Gasket
Engine Cylinder Head GasketEngine Cylinder Head GasketEngine Cylinder Head GasketEngine Cylinder Head Gasket

Engine Cylinder Head Gasket

  • Product Item : OVG-06
  • Category: Gasket
  • Supply: In Stock
  • Apply: Diesel Engine, Petrol Engine
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Product Description:


Conventional gasoline and diesel engines are made of two major parts: the engine block, and cylinder head. In order to seal them together, a cylinder head gasket (often called just the “head gasket”) is installed between them. It is an important part of tuning. Its function is to fill the microscopic pores between the cylinder block and the cylinder head to ensure good sealing at the joint surface, thereby ensuring the sealing of the combustion chamber and preventing air leakage from the cylinder and water jacket leakage. A head gasket only works as long as the compression seal is intact – the fact that nothing can get past the seal ensures that the engine works perfectly. This is why a leak in that seal can be so devastating for the car’s performance in both the short and long term. So the importance of cylinder head gasket is self-evident. But unlike any other gasket in an engine, the head gasket has to seal oil, coolant, and compression from the cylinders simultaneously. This makes it the most stressed gasket in an engine, and therefore one of the most likely to fail.

According to the different materials used, the cylinder head gasket can be divided into metal-asbestos gasket, metal-composite material gasket and all-metal gasket. Both the metal-composite liner and the all-metal liner are asbestos-free cylinder liners, because there is no asbestos interlayer, which can eliminate the generation of air bags in the liner and reduce industrial pollution, which is the current development direction.
1) Metal-asbestos gasket
The metal-asbestos gasket is made of asbestos, covered with copper skin or steel skin, and the other metal-asbestos gasket is made of perforated steel plate as the skeleton, covered with asbestos and binder. All metal-asbestos gaskets All are surrounded by sheet metal around the cylinder bore, coolant hole and oil hole. In order to prevent high-temperature gas ablation liner, a metal frame reinforcement ring can also be built into the metal edging. The metal-asbestos gasket has good elasticity and heat resistance, and can be reused many times. If the asbestos board is impregnated in a heat-resistant adhesive, the strength of the cylinder head gasket can be increased.
2) Metal-composite liner
The metal composite liner is a new type of composite material that is heat-resistant, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant on both sides of the steel plate, and is wrapped with stainless steel around the cylinder hole, coolant hole and oil hole.
3) Metal backing
The metal liner has high strength and strong corrosion resistance, and is mostly used in engines with a high degree of strengthening. Commonly used are high-quality aluminum plate cylinder liners, and the coolant holes are sealed with rubber rings. The other is the structure of the stainless steel laminated cylinder liner, and the coolant hole is also sealed with a rubber ring.

What are the symptoms of a failing head gasket?

A failed head gasket must be replaced - a job that could can be cumbersome and time-consuming. so, before you get it replaced by a mechanic, it’s important to figure out why the head gasket failed. otherwise, the replacement gasket is likely to fail as well. There are several symptoms that can indicate a faulty head gasket, including:

· White or blue smoke coming from the exhaust.

· Overheating

· Coolant leaks

· Oil leaks

· Loss of power

How do I install a cylinder head gasket?

After ordering your parts, we are also happy to give you tips around installation. Below you will find a step-by-step plan, drawn up by our specialists together with information. This step-by-step plan is very important to follow for a correct installation. In addition, our specialists provide tips to make the installation as smooth as possible.

1)Carefully clean all surfaces of the engine block and cylinder head.

2)Also clean the bolt holes thoroughly and make sure no oil or water is present.

Note! The result may be that although the bolts are tightened, the cylinder head is not actually tightened to correct specifications or full pressure is applied to the cylinder block.

3)Check the flatness in the length and width of the surface.

4)Make sure deformations, scratches, grooves or protrusions are removed.

Note! Have this carried out by a specialist! Depending on the type of head gasket, the cylinder head should be smoothed extra smooth or slightly rougher.

5)Check and follow the dimensions and thicknesses as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Note! For diesel engines, measure the piston overhang to choose the correct thickness of cylinder head gasket.

6)Carefully place the gasket on the engine block.

Note! Do not use liquid sealant.

7)Fit the cylinder head without damaging the gasket.

8)Use a set of new (torque to yield) bolts.

9)Lubricate the threads and head of the bolt with a small amount of oil on a cloth.

10)If a washer is prescribed, lubricate it lightly between the washer and head.

11)Always follow the manufacturer's specific instructions for head bolt installation.

12)Use only the recommended anti-freeze and corrosion inhibitors.

Replacement Head Gaskets
If you are looking for a replacement head gasket then maybe our head gasket is an ideal choice, offering the following benefits:
· OE quality
· Largest range in global Aftermarket
· Every gasket or seal is individually packed
· Technical data sheet included headsets and head gaskets
· Associated parts detailed on product labels
· Universal kits compared to competitor coverage
· Multiple gasket thicknesses for diesel engines
· Complementary products are also available: head sets, rocker covers, valve stem, and shaft oilseals, inlet/exhaust manifold gaskets

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