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  • Air Intake Hose / Water Hose
  • Air Intake Hose / Water Hose
  • Air Intake Hose / Water Hose
  • Air Intake Hose / Water Hose
Air Intake Hose / Water HoseAir Intake Hose / Water HoseAir Intake Hose / Water HoseAir Intake Hose / Water Hose

Air Intake Hose / Water Hose

Product Description:
It is well known that vehicle engines require oxygen for the combustion process. Air intake system guides air to your engine. It provides clean, cool, and dry air for the engine. The intake hose takes on this important duty. So the Air Intake Hose is an important component within the Air Intake System, the Hose delivers fresh filtered air to the combustion chamber. Ensure the normal operation of the engine.

When the intake systems allow clean and continuous air through the engine, your vehicle works better.  Plenty of power and excellent performance; When cracks and wear become evident, dirt, debris, or other contaminants reach your engine, they begin to wear down the parts. fuel economy and the overall performance of a vehicle can be affected significantly. Plus, when the filter gets clogged, the engine has to work harder. Drivers will often see a loss of power/acceleration and worse gas mileage as a result.

The engine air intake hose is a core part of the car and should be reviewed periodically and replace damaged intake hoses. This hose is often fabricated from rubber or plastic, so it is prone to wear and tear over time. A malfunctioning hose can trigger multiple dilemmas, including the greenhouse effect of hazardous gasses.
Thus, spotting the broken air intake hose symptoms and proper measures make sense to save your life and vehicle.

Our Air Intake Hose range is manufactured to OEM specifications and is make/model specific.

ISO9001:2000 quality system certification

6 typical sure signs of air intake hose cracked symptoms
1) Check Engine Light Come On
A flickering Check Engine light is the most visible warning that there is something wrong with the air injection hose.
The onboard diagnostic system will set the Check Engine light whenever the engine computer discovers an error.
To track the culprits, have a mechanic access the vehicle’s diagnostic data with a code reader.
2) Engine Performance Decline
This is one of the bad air intake hose symptoms. Engine power loss can stem from a clogged air filter or throttle body. More fuel will be used, and more pollution will be released.
3) Idling Hardships
A cracked air intake hose could be to blame if you’re facing trouble handling a steady idle for your automobile. The vacuum can’t keep the air in once the hose gets a break or tears.
Replacing the hose is the only solution when this occurs since it hinders the engines from idling seamlessly. Idling the engine with insufficient power poses a variety of risks on the road.
4) Misfiring Engine
An overly rich air/fuel combination might result from the crack in air intake hose. To put it another way, this is a sure way to ruin your spark plugs and make your engine misfire.
5) Rough Idling
The clogged air filter will make the engine idle noisily, irregularly, or at a higher RPM than usual. Fragile or failing engine sensors can also contribute to this problem.
This is also common among cracked air intake hose symptoms.
6) Noticeable Damage Or Wear
Signs of wear and tear are other air intake hose symptoms hose that highlight the need for repair. This hose will eventually corrode from being exposed to excessive heat.
Replace this air injection hose right after you spot any abrasions or melted patches.

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